Qseals is your one-stop-shop for supplying and refurbishing all your Burgmann seals. Almost all Burgmann seals can directly be supplied from stock in all common sizes and face material and elastomer combinations.

A lot of experience with Burgmann seals

There are currently 158 Burgmann typenumbers registered within our custom database. For all of these Burgmann numbers there are currently 0 suited alternatives from other brands, for at least 0 different applications, known to us. In other words, we have probably come across your specific situation or problem before. We gladly help you with advice without any obligations.

Refurbishing Burgmann seals

If your Burgmann seal can still be refurbished Qseals can also assist you with this. Read more about mechanical seal refurbishment.

Several Burgmann seals

Below just a small selection of the Burgmann seals known to us. Contact us for more information.

Need help?

We gladly help you with free advice. Our specialists are available for you each workday from 08:00 till 18:00! Contact us via:

+31 38 85 21 801