Seal Support Systems

Qseals supplies a complete line of Seal Support Systems based on the thermosyphon principle. The thermosyphon effect (natural convection) ensures that the running surfaces of the seal are cooled. This in combination with a stable liquid film extends the service life of the seal considerably.

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Barrier Fluid

A mechanical seal consists of two running surfaces that provide the primary seal. Between both treads is a liquid film (very thin, 2 to 3 micrometers) to provide lubrication. Without a stable liquid film, the treads would be in direct contact with each other, building up enormous frictional heat. This high temperature causes excessive wear and seal failure. The key to a good seal is therefore a good, cool and stable liquid film!

When using a single mechanical seal, the process fluid functions as a liquid film between the running surfaces. As long as the process fluid lends itself to this, a single seal can be used. However, many process fluids are unsuitable for cooling and lubricating the running surfaces. Think of slurries, liquids that evaporate due to the pressure loss between the running surfaces, liquids that are too cold or too hot, etc. In all of the above situations, an external barrier fluid is crucial to maintain a good fluid film. A good liquid film extends the service life extremely!

Advantages of the Qseals Seal Support System

Thanks to the mechanical seal support solutions from Qseals you benefit from:

  • Improved tool life (MTBF) and maximum effective working time
    The Thermosyphon line from Qseals ensures that the capacity of your process is maximized by extending MTBF.
  • Greatly reduced water use and associated costs
    Traditional “quench to drain” methods cause enormous water wastage (up to 6 million liters per seal per year). A huge saving on the costs for water consumption and waste water processing.
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
    The longer service life and the savings on water, energy and operational costs ensure a very efficient ROI.
  • Better for the environment
    Reduction of carbon footprint and environmental impact due to enormous savings on water and energy.
  • Lower operating costs
    Thermosyphon Systems are largely maintenance-free, which means that maintenance technicians or process employees can be deployed elsewhere in the factory.
  • Reduced energy consumption
    The amount of water that can reach the product along the treads is reduced to the absolute minimum, eliminating the need for otherwise necessary evaporation processes within the production process.

Printing System

The pressure system is normally filled with a barrier fluid such as water or oil. A suitable oil is available through Qseals for applications where the use of water is not possible or desirable. The system can be kept pressurized by using factory-supplied compressed air or nitrogen, or by using a compressed air cylinder. Qseals supplies three different systems, which in turn can be expanded with various options. The basic system consists of a pressure vessel with gauge glass. Can be used without overpressure to provide cooling at medium load, to prevent crystallization of water-based solutions, or to protect against dry running.

The pressure system adds an air/N2 regulator and a pressure valve to the base, allowing the vessel to be pressurized from a factory-fitted pressure line. An overpressure of at least 1 bar above the process pressure prevents abrasive particles from the process fluid from damaging the running surfaces. Additional options available include a cooling coil (both in the vessel and around the supply line to the seal, which increases the Thermosyphon effect) and various pressure sensors.

Water Retention System

The water retention system consists of the basic system but is pressurized by connecting it directly to the available water supply. This creates a system that is not only low maintenance, but also very reliable. Complete with pressure gauge, flow indicator and non-return valve to compensate for pressure changes. This system can also be expanded to provide additional cooling capacity.

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