Carbon (graphite)

Qseals is a specialist in processed (turn/milling/cnc) carbon products and components. We primarily focus on carbon products for use in industry. Naturally, we can also deliver with an FDA and/or EC1935/2004 certification. We also supply semi-manufactured products such as carbon on a bar/tube.

We can provide you with small and large products, from a prototype to an end product. Whether it involves 1 product or 10,000 carbon products. You provide us with your blueprint with a material specification and you will receive a suitable quote for turning and/or milling work. You can outsource the assembly of carbon parts, possibly in combination with other materials, to us. For example, reducing the size of carbon rings or lapping of carbon (rings) for mechanical seals. We can offer you a suitable quote with fast turnaround!

Carbon benefits

Designing mechanical seals for sealing refrigerants and other low viscosity fluids has been a problem in the industry for many years. It has since been established that mechanical seals with a tread combination of antimony impregnated graphite and silicon carbide are the best solution.

Low viscosity fluids are difficult for mechanical seals because the hydrodynamic film is extremely thin. The sealing surfaces must remain well polished to operate within the specifications. The self-polishing properties of antimony impregnated carbon graphite material and the high dimensional stability of both silicon carbide and antimony impregnated carbon graphite ensure that the seal can function within the specifications.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Self-lubricating / resistant to running dry
  • Low wear
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Dimensional stability
  • Suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Resistant to thermal shock loads
  • Solid toughness
  • Good impact resistance
  • Exceptionally strong

At Qseals we use carbon (graphite) as rotary faces and stationary faces in some of our mechanical seals.


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