FEP Viton (FPM, FKM) / FEP Silicone

O-rings with an FEP coating are O-rings with an evenly distributed Teflon coating which completely protects an elastomeric inner ring against external influences. A FEP Viton or FEP Silicone O-ring combines the elastic properties of the core with the temperature and chemical resistance of Teflon.

Some advantages of FEP encapsulated O-rings (FEP encapsulated O-rings):

  • Exceptional protection against aggressive chemicals and gases
  • Cost effective alternative to Kalrez seals
  • Low coefficient of friction and therefore less wear
  • Elastomer core ensures that the O-ring can set properly
  • No permanent pressure deformation that can occur with solid Teflon O-rings.

Various materials can be used as the core. A core of Silicone or Viton is most common. FEP Silicone is actually the most common here, because with a lower Shore hardness you can make good use of the flexible properties of Silicone. A Viton core has a higher shore hardness but offers slightly more protection if the FEP casing is damaged.

FEP encapsulated O-rings can be used in practically all places where a standard O-ring is used. The FEP coating does ensure that the O-rings are slightly less flexible than standard elastomer O-rings. It is therefore important to take this into account during installation, as they stretch a little less. Of course we can also supply these FEP Viton and FEP Silicone O-rings suitable for use in FDA or EC1935 / 2004 applications.

At Qseals we use FEP Viton (FPM, FKM) and FEP Silicone as sealing rings (O-rings) in some of our mechanical seals.

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