Viton (FKM,FPM)

Viton® is often referred to as a material, but is actually a brand name of a fluoroelastomer. Qseals can supply Viton O-rings with EC1935/2004 certification. These O-rings are therefore fully food-grade and FDA approved.

Viton®, a product of DuPont Performance Elastomers – a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont, is a semi-finished product with the properties of rubber (fluoroelastomer). Viton fluoroelastomers are also sometimes described with the abbreviations FKM or FPM. FKM is the abbreviation for fluoroelastomer according to the American ASTM standard, FPM is the abbreviation for the same material, but according to the DIN/ISO system.

The automotive, aerospace and chemical industries have valued the material for more than fifty years for its excellent heat and chemical resistance. Solvents and fuels such as gasoline and kerosene have no effect on Viton®. Hence, the material is widely used for hoses, O-rings and other seals. Chances are that the hoses under the hood of your car are made of Viton®.

Dordrecht is the only place in Europe where Viton® is made. The other factories are in the United States. There are three different Viton® factories in Dordrecht. The basic types are made in the Gum Plant. In the Viton® VSOP Plant, “specialties” are made with specific properties. The APA Plant produces Viton® that also retains its rubber properties at low temperatures and is even more resistant to chemicals.

Qseals can use Viton O-rings in all of its FDA and EC1935 seal solutions.

At Qseals we use Viton (FKM,PPM) as sealing rings (O-rings) in our mechanical seals.

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