Smart innovative solutions, customization & advice

We think along with you to provide honest and clear advice. We also provide tailor-made services products for you. We first assess the technical possibilities and feasibility. The word customization says it all: a solution that fits perfectly. This helps you save costs and increase the productivity of existing installations.

You can ask anything from our mechanical seals specialists in the field of:

  • Montage
  • Extending the service life (durability) of your mechanical seals. We know a lot about innovative tread combination improvements and new technologies.
  • Performing O-ring tests.
  • Blocking systems (API).

Simple mechanical seals

The best solution is by no means always the most expensive or complex. Qseals provides honest and clear advice to make the right choice for a shaft seal. It is important that the CAPEX and OPEX of the supplied solution are in proportion.

An example from practice

A customer asked us to install cartridge mechanical seals. After studying the application and tool life requirements, a simple stuffing box packing proved to be a more efficient solution. We have looked at the long-term interests for this. This goes further than just looking for a solution in mechanical seals. Why would you use a mechanical seal, when a different oil seal or lip seal can be used better? That’s what we mean by treating assignments with a tailor-made approach.

The best result in production and mechanical seals life

We aim for the best result. That is why we always look at where we can make improvements. For example, the application of a different tread combination or a certain machining operation can sometimes considerably extend the mechanical seals life (mean time between failures, MTBF).

Engineered mechanical seals

An exotic situation requires an exotic solution. We supply tailor-made “engineered” seals for this. What does that look like? Check out the examples (and the requirements for these seals):

Tailor-made advice (international) and on location (benelux)

Would you like to know more about mechanical seals yourself (or your technical service)? Qseals also visits you for training and advice. You will learn more about the operation of mechanical seals, different running surfaces, installation and maintenance. Contact us and make an appointment for a training at your location.

Need help?

We gladly help you with free advice. Our specialists are available for you each workday from 08:00 till 18:00! Contact us via:

+31 38 85 21 801