Delivery with certification

Regulation in processes involving food has gained importance over the last few years. Some certifications are necessary to ensure the safe treatment of food in factories, such as the FDA and EC1935/2004.

What is FDA?

FDA compliant is a shorthand way of talking about materials that are safe for direct food contact. These materials are also called food contact substances (FCS).

An FCS is any material that comes into contact with or is used for manufacturing, packing, packaging, transporting or holding food.

What is EC1935/2004?

EC1935/2004 is a European legislation for the food industry and covers materials and objects intended to come into contact with foods, namely so-called Food Contact Materials

Materials may not transfer substances to foods in quantities which:

  • Represent a health risk to people
  • Lead to an unacceptable change in the composition of the food
  • Adversely affect the organoleptic properties of the food

What are differences between FDA and EC1935/2004?

Both certifications fulfil the same objective. The biggest difference is that one is American (FDA) and the other is European (EC935 / 2004)

FDA EC1935/2004 mechanical seals

Mechanical seals are often used in food processing, at Qseals we offer all of our products with the possibility of being certified under FDA or EC1935/2004. Contact us now to discuss the possibilities.

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