Our staff has many years of experience in the industry and refurbishes almost all common mechanical seals, regardless of brand, type or tread compound. We restore your mechanical seals like new. If the mechanical seal cannot be refurbished, we will provide you with an offer for a replacement.

Our approach

  1. Inventory of incoming product
  2. (Ultrasonic) cleaning
  3. Inspection and analysis of treads and other components
  4. Presenting a quote and consulting with the customer
  5. Order fulfilment and gathering necessary materials
  6. Performing necessary operations
  7. Prepare for shipment
  8. Delivery and possible assembly on location

1. Initial inventory

When a seal needs to be replaced, either acutely or preventively, you can send the seal to our workshop. Of course we are also happy to drop by with the customer to take a look at the situation and to pick up the products to be replaced. If requested, we can also take the entire pump with us for refurbishment.

2. (Ultrasonic) cleaning

Before the inspection can begin, the seal must be cleaned. For this purpose, the seals are first cleaned and sprayed

Following manual removal of the larger product residues, the seal is cleaned in the disassembled state in an ultrasonic immersion bath. Corrosion or stubborn dirt can also be removed with glass bead blasting.

3. Inspection and analysis

Qseals examines whether it is worthwhile to refurbish the mechanical seals (restoration). The mechanical seals are inspected here for, among other things:

  • Height and condition of the treads
  • Damage and deterioration  of the O-ring/packing surfaces
  • Length and elasticity of the springs
  • Roundness and dimensions of the shaft sleeve and clamping rings
  • Fixtures and threads
  • Passage of the spacer/flush/quench connections
  • Overall condition of the pins
  • Seal carriers and spacers

4. Offering a quote

The findings are reported and based on these findings, you will receive a quote (including pump and/or article number) for refurbishment of the mechanical seal. If you agree with the quote, you will receive the mechanical seals in sturdy packaging with clearly legible labels with the desired pump and/or article numbers on them. All data of the mechanical seals we deliver or refurbish we keep in a database. This allows us to promptly help you with the delivery of a new mechanical seal, even if the old mechanical seal is still fitted.

5. Order confirmation

Once the quote has been approved, we will collect the necessary materials from our warehouse. We have pre-processed parts in stock as well as the most common materials.

6. Operations

he well-stocked workshop of Qseals in Wezep is fully equipped. This allows us to carry out all the necessary operations in-house. Our lathe with a diameter of 105 millimetres ensures that even shafts with a large diameter can be turned. Milling operations are carried out using our three-axis EMCO milling machine.

The lapping (chipping/polishing of the tread) of the treads is done by using one of our lapping machines. These machines are equipped with different lepp-plates, so that different levels of finishes can be achieved according to the customer’s specifications.

7. Shipment

After the final product has been assembled, it is packaged and prepared for shipment. The packaging can be labelled in accordance with the customer’s wishes. For example, with a pump type -number or -indication next to the product or serial number of the product itself.

8. Delivery and assembly on site

Multiple shipments per day are processed from the DHL pickup point at Qseals. This ensures fast (worldwide) delivery. It is also possible for our team to install the seal on site and explain the installation and maintenance to the customer’s technicians.

Need help?

We gladly help you with free advice. Our specialists are available for you each workday from 08:00 till 18:00! Contact us via:

+31 38 85 21 801