PS Lip Seals

A lip shaft seal consists of a stainless steel outer ring with a clamped PTFE lip. This shaft sealing lip is made of a modified PTFE and can be used as standard up to 25 bar.

The temperature range of the PS lip seal varies from -90 to +250 degrees Celsius. The lip seals are available with a minimum outer diameter of 30mm and available as standard up to an outer diameter of 530mm. The maximum speed on the sealing surface is 45 m/s.

These types of seals, also known as Garlock P.S. and Elring type shaft seal, are widely used in agitators, pumps, compressors and mixers. The composition of the PS lip seal ensures that it is extremely resistant to corrosive liquids and gases, extreme temperatures and high process pressure (up to 25 bar).

Our PS lip seals have a delivery time of a week or less and are of course also available within the FDA and EC1935/2004 food grade program. Our delivery program includes three different models, in which we can also supply different sealing rings.

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