O-rings & Gaskets

A mechanical seal is useless without an O-ring and an O-ring is useless without a mechanical seal. That is why Qseals has a large stock of O-rings in countless materials and sizes. Naturally this is all immediately available. In addition, we make custom O-rings in any material.

Our hero: the QK O-ring 

One of the most powerful of its kind is our QK O-ring. Thanks to its strong protection against chemical phenomena and temperature changes, this is one of the best O-rings on the market. Qseals makes QK O-rings made custom for you.

We make O-rings from all materials

You will find an extensive range of O-rings in different shores (hardness) and compounds, of among others, the following materials:

Custom O-rings: made to size in 1 to 5 days

There’s no doubt we’ll always go for a result that looks amazing. That’s why we make custom O-rings from various powerful materials. And you only need one? Then we’ll just make one O-ring just for you.

Different materials O-rings

Tell us the purpose of the mechanical seal and we’ll get to work for you. It is important to consider the material with which the O-ring will come into contact. These include sunlight, ozone, UV radiation, fuel, gas, LPG, ethanol, petrol, (drinking) water, oil, grease, kerosene, hydrogen, alcohol, acids and alkalis. Would you like complimentary advice? We are happy to help.

Delivery of O-rings with FDA and EC1935/2004 certification

Naturally, we provide O-rings with a FDA and/or EC1935/2004 certification. We have O-rings in stock from several certified brands:

  • Trelleborg
  • Busak-Shamban
  • Dichtomatik
  • James Walker
  • Guarnitec
  • Rada
  • Parker
  • Prädifa
  • Angst & Pfister
  • Hitec
  • Normatec
  • Eriks
  • Freudenberg
  • Simrit
  • Ebele
  • Snijders
  • NOK
  • Kimman
  • Green Tweed
  • Dupont
  • Profiltra
  • Skega
  • Dowty

Need help?

We gladly help you with free advice. Our specialists are available for you each workday from 08:00 till 18:00! Contact us via:

+31 38 85 21 801